Petrol Price in India

Find Petrol Price in india including various cities have changing prices daily every day at 6 a.m. as per the changes in crude oil price in the international market. Below mentioned rates of some popular cities of india. People are using many type of machines in their Transport use. we require petrol and diesel which is one of the most useful fuel in Engines to run our cars, bikes, trucks etc.

Petrol Price In various Cities Below:- Petrol Price Today (16-10-2020)
Petrol Price in Delhi Rs 81.06
Petrol Price in Mumbai Rs 87.74
Petrol Price in Bangalore Rs 83.69
Petrol Price in Chennai Rs 84.14
Petrol Price in Hyderabad Rs 84.25
Petrol Price in Pune Rs 87.40
Petrol Price in Kolkata Rs 82.59
Petrol Price in Jaipur Rs 88.33
Petrol Price in Goa Rs 78.17
Petrol Price in Chandigarh Rs 77.99
Petrol Price in Jammu Rs 81.32

Petrol prices in India can be known online easily. There are thousands of things that you can do just for the purpose of having a better variations in your petrol prices. This will give you something better in this respect. Petrol and diesel are fluctuating day by day and you have to keep yourself updated. It gets risen sometimes and gets down sometimes. You can get to know easily by the price of petrol by checking it out from our website. Petrol price is verifying also based on the locality. It can differ from one place to another. If you want to know petrol price today, you can visit on our website to check it out daily.

Petrol price in March is 72.88 in Indian Currency on an average when it comes to most cities on India. It is not only about Petrol but also about diesel. Diesel is mostly used in Diesel engine based cars and vehicles. They fill diesel in their petrol tank in bulk so it is pretty important to keep them updated about the prices of petrol and diesel.

In September 2020 Petrol Price in Major Cities:- Avg. Price Value
Petrol Price in Delhi Rs 71.98
Petrol Price in Mumbai Rs 77.55
Petrol Price in Bangalore Rs 74.29
Petrol Price in Chennai Rs 74.68
Petrol Price in Kolkata Rs 74.00

Petrol Price Graph July 2020 rate in India is different and sometimes average when it is compared against the other countries of the world. The cost of petrol is totally depended on the government of India but as the new rules been released, the market price of petrol and diesel are not decided on the basis of market value. Petrol Cost doesn?t increases but it depends on the conditions and situations of market. If you wantto know whether the price of petrol is getting higher or getting down, you need to come online and get to know it easily by checking out our website and other detail related to crude oil prices.

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